The Duke is Dead Extract: the Dunham Chronicler

The Duke of Dead has chapter headings, taken from various historical documents within the world. One document that turns up a few times is The Dunham Chronicles, written by a series of earnest monks in the province of Dunham, and containing their view on a) the doings of the country and b) the very exciting things happening in Dunham.

Here are a few:

343: In this year Gilbert Bevis and the esquires of the North brought a petition before King Aumeri, that in ten years he had held no Parliament at Ambion in his kingdom of Northaldria, but solely in Coldres and other towns in his kingdom of Mercendy. And King Aumeri spurned  the petition and said that his two kingdoms should agree like man and wife in a bed. And Matthew Simeon a lewd fellow was put in the stocks at Foswich for asking, if King Aumeri should get more kingdoms, how many might then lie together in a bed.

347: In this year the men of Cavember rose, and fought amongst themselves as to who should be King, there having been no one King among them since Deyo ás Ithel was slain in combat by the men of Queen Bethilie in 282. And they could find no peace amongst themselves. And the Lord of Bleith sent to King Aumeri, and asked him to stand above them, and with his kingsblood bring peace.

397: And in this year Queen Sidonia bore a child unmarried, and all the lords protested her great sin.  And some spoke of the Queen’s cousin, the Duchess Julia, and said that there was an irregularity in her birth, and that there were papers kept privily which proved her to be the true King.  And the Bishop of Tritown preached the Easter sermon, and said that God had ordained to the cripple his crutch, and to the blind man his patches, and the tyner his trouble, and that if she had been born a prince, she was proved not fit to be King.  And one man called out to him, but if she be a virtuous woman, should she not then be Queen? And the Bishop made no answer. And the Duchess Julia consented to be searched by midwives.

405: In this year the Earl of Dunham wed the Lady Ada, baseborn daughter to King Constantine of Laelanse. And for three weeks before her wedding she came unto the Abbey, and gave fine gifts, including a relic of the Blessed Apostle Salome. And it was placed upon the high altar, and did great works

(The image in this post was photographed by en:User:Geogre, original author, monastic scribes in Peterborough – English Wikipedia, Public Domain,


The Duke is Dead: Updates

Somewhat embarrassingly, my last post on here, nearly two years ago, was also about The Duke is Dead. I confidently predicted it would come in 2018, which it…didn’t. I can now say that it is in final edits, and will be out on the 22nd August 2019. You can find it here on Goodreads. I hope that The Exiles will be out on the 28th November, but I am resigned to the fact that if I commit to that date, it definitely won’t be. I am incredibly excited to be sharing The Duke is Dead, and introducing people to the Dykosm.

I am also pretty damn excited that Ankaret has another book out in 2019: Anna Chronistic and the Scarab of Destiny. I got to the end while eating a baked potato and did not take my eyes off my screen once, which is actually more impressive than it sounds, because I was at a National Trust property, and their baked potatoes come with side salads that require stabbing.

I leave you with the image of Lanhydrock House (said National Trust property), intended by the gentleman who ordered it rebuilt as ‘a modest family home’. As Ankaret said as we looked up at it, just imagine what would have happened if he’d asked the architect to push the boat out.


(By Olaf Tausch – Own work, CC BY 3.0)