What I’m Reading Wednesday: The Kate Kane: Paranormal Investigator series, by Alexis Hall


The Kate Kane series belongs to that sadly underpopulated genre: lesbian paranormal detective romance.  Set in London.

Our heroine is a supernatural private investigator, a thirty three year old faery princess and a teen romance survivor.

With a dead partner, a vampire stalker and an ex-girlfriend who might be a super villain, her life, like her breakfast, is on the rocks.

From book one, you can expect a ill-conceived riot of fedoras, hot vampires, sewers, swarms of intelligent rats, werewolf It Girls, puddings, boylesque performers, murders, tentacle monsters, sex demons, nightclubs, biker wizards, blues bars, magic swords and ninja zombie nuns.  Oh, and karaoke.

The first time I heard about the Kate Kane books, I heard the words ‘lesbian paranormal investigator’, and found my fingers trending inexorably towards Amazon’s ‘Buy Now’ button.

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Five Things on a Friday

  1. Two wonderful people have worked out the legal position if you have fallen victim to sex pollen in modern US law, and in 13th century canon law. Thank you, o benefactors.
  2. Ten historical Hungarian castles for you to admire!
  3. Of course one of the oldest handwritten documents discovered in Britain discusses beer deliveries.
  4. Down Goes Brown is on the Graun. For those of you who aren’t entirely certain what this Stanley Cup thing is…
  5. And, if you are wondering how to keep your pearls happy, The Court Jeweller is here for you. Selflessly, I volunteer to wear pearls around the house. You know, to perk them up.