Quite a lot has been happening to me since I last posted. I would say that I have come to tell you all about it, but I have actually come because right now, I will do almost anything to avoid actually looking at my BA dissertation. Oh, a year ago, how fresh and exciting an idea it seemed! Now, as the deadline approaches, I can only conclude that I have been the subject of months of gentle coddling over my scholarly failures, and it is terrible and boring. My mind goes off on wild tangents. (Comparisons of Helena as a mother but not a wife and Theodora as a wife but not a mother! The records of Late Antique Imperial pregnancies and what it says, or does not say, about the state of an imperial marriage!)

Today was supposed to be a day in which I got down to hard graft. So far I have watered my window boxes, (I am a bad plant mother), called a man to ask him to come over and give us a quote for house painting (I am so organised!) had a lot of tea, and answered the door to the postman with a delivery of what the packaging promises are LIVE PLANTS. And done a small amount of editing, and phoned my mother to flail. My poor mother. She doesn’t deserve this.

Oh, and I have spammed my nearest and dearest with emails about everything under the sun, from the Smart Bitches Trashy Books series of posts on Making your life wonderful with Google Calendar, to an Exciting New Project which you probably won’t hear about again for another year. And I sent a few personal emails which, having been on the ‘…I should look at that’ list have now become vitally urgent. Maybe while I reheat my lunch, I will make another Vitally Important Telephone call.

Oh well. I appear to be three quarters of the way through the damn thing all the same.


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