Henry V at the Union Theatre

On the 1st July, as London sweltered, I went to Henry V at the Union Theatre with my friend Kate. I had never seen Henry V before, or even read it. Kate is a dedicated Henry V aficionado. and we both came out having enjoyed it. (Spoilers below Read More)

The production has cut the plotlines to the bone: it retains the central war plot, and the glove plot, but very little else. It makes up for this by the actresses very clearly knowing the meaning of their lines, and saying them as if they’re thinking about every word, so the length was not amazingly affected.

I dearly loved Colette O’Rourke as Henry V, smart, and determined, but my heart was completely stolen by RJ Seeley as Fluellen, funny and sympathetic, and I will very definitely keep an eye on both the Union Theatre and the Lazarus Company.

(For another review, see here)


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