“This Is Not a Novel To Be Tossed Aside Lightly. It Should Be Thrown with Great Force”

We’ve all got them. Things which you read in books that make you want to fling them across the room, preferably while howling “WTF? WTAF?” as your friends and neighbours wonder if you’re actually being murdered this time.

I was reading this particular book on my phone, so instead I’m screaming “WTAF?” at the internet. It’s cheaper.

I’m not really talking about things that throw you out of the flow of the story, though we’ve all got those too. (Mine include improper use of noble titles, especially British ones– Barons and Baronets are different things, their children adopt different styles, and Debrett’s is here for you, which is a thing multiple friends of mine get thrown off by, and an improper understanding of the Quaker attitude to war and killing other people, which as far as I know is just me.)

I’m talking about plotlines where you put the book down going. “You’ve lost me, and my sympathy, and WTAF were you thinking? Were you thinking? WHY DID YOU DO THIS?”

(Content note: the remainder of this post discusses rape, specifically myths about false rape accusations, and sexual harassment.)

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